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How to grow your luxury collection on a budget?

Looking to grow your luxury collection on a budget? Then you should be interested in: SLG's. In the world of luxury SLG stands for Small Leather Goods. Whether you're beginning to get into luxury items or you're an expert, SLG's are great because of functionality and affordability with price points as low as $180. Funny thing is SLG's are some of the most used items of people's luxury collection. So the money spent on these small items end up making a huge impact in your everyday routine.

Here are some SLG's items that are perfect to start or add to your collection:

  • Agenda covers

  • Passport Covers

  • Card Cases (Most popular SLG)

  • Key fob Charm/ Zip Pouch

  • Cosmetic Pouch/ Toiletry Bags

  • Money Clips

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