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3 Things to look for when authenticating a luxury handbag

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Buying new is great, there is nothing like a freshly unboxed new luxury bag. However, with so many options to purchase luxury handbags there are extra precautions to ensuring that your purchase is 100% authentic. Whether from luxury online or brick & mortar cosignment/ pawn shops there are a few simple ways to help you notice if a handbag is real or fake.

1. Always find the date code or serial number. These can be found in the inside of most handbags. There are many sites for different designers that break down what the date codes and serial numbers mean.

2. Consistency of stitching and craftsmenship. All luxury handbags are crafted with precision and straight lines especially on leather material. All lines of thread should be straight and consistent.

3. Monogram alignment and textile texture. Just like stitching, all monogram should be consistent in alignment and pattern. In addition, be sure to feel the texture of your bag. Most luxury bags are some form of leather, this is easy to distinguish between synthetic materials.

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